The Audience Is Here. Performance

Performative lecture. Duration: 50 min

“I don’t know this place, that’s why I often come back here”.


The audience is here, they are no longer those people, but spectators. A they “the other” for the stage, for the artist, or are they “the others” for themselves? The function of the audience in performative art, is also this representation.


The space the audience occupies is an empty one, a neutralised space-time function, a tangent where the senses unfold. But the seats are numbered, the public lured in, and its loyalty encouraged: they have a special day, they are the object of studies, strategies and desires, their participation is defined… and the space of their experience is defined: here. Beyond defining the audience’s position on the contemporary artistic map, this is a question of dismantling identities to generate free spaces linked to the realm of possibility; of looking with the body, which distinguishes more than two sides. Intensity is incorporated there, in the bodies that signify its existence, that are not subordinated to themselves. If we give way to it, time will give it a name.


“Dance is the most intense way of being in the present that I know”.

Creation and performance
Sabela Mendoza
Mey Seifan, Nadia Muhanna, Javier Martín, MPECV-Artea. Mentoría: Los Torreznos (Jaime Vallaure, Rafael Lamata)



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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Seminario Sold Out. Performance y públicos ante la sociedad neoliberal, Madrid


Centro Cultural Márcos Valcárcel, Festival Corpo a Terra, Ourense 


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Teatro Solís, Montevideo. Sala Delmira Agustini. Bullshit UY. 


Teatro Pradillo, Madrid. Ciclo “Meriendas y aperitivos”,, con la curadoría de Itxaso Corral, Jaime Vallaure y Diana Delgado-Ureña.


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Teatro Pradillo, Madrid. Bullshit Fest,


Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid Estreno Seminario Internacional “Dispositivos escénicos y modos alternativos de ser público”, Teatralidades expandidas.


The Audience Is Here. Performance

Performative lecture. Duration: 50 min