our plan is to dance until everything is sorted out

Performance - Intervention

Collective action based on an original idea by Sabela Mendoza and organised by De Corpos Presentes with the collaboration of the association Sin Ánimo de Nombre. It consisted of an intervention in the streets of A Coruña during which different groups of passers-by took part.

The action consisted of sticking posters with the following slogan around the city: “OUR PLAN IS TO DANCE UNTIL EVERYTHING IS SORTED OUT”. Following a route through the main areas where advertising is usually placed in the city centre, we covered the walls with posters featuring a different message: an invitation to the artistic action of bodies and their existence outside consumerism. This message aims to draw attention to the social force of bodies in movement, and to the resistance that characterises the living arts sector. With this intervention, we also wanted to make a general call for more and better cultural policies for the living arts in A Coruña and Galicia.

The intervention lasted about an hour, and many posters remained on the walls for over a month. Thus, inscribed in the memory of the city and preserved through the records taken.

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05.12.2018, A Coruña


fold (dobrez)

Dance Performance


Eight-hour long performance-intervention (8h)