fold (dobrez)

Dance Performance

“Fold” is a performance about folding things, about the gesture of storing, treasuring, or wrapping something up. Folds appear because there is a gesture that creates them (a deforming gesture, or a creative one, depending on how you look at it); they model things by bending them into another shape. This allows objects to be covered, silent in plain sight. Folds are mobile and enabling; new planes emerge from them. The creases that appear after folding something will bring things closer together: for example, if one wraps several objects or bodies in the same fabric or paper they become alike. However, we can always see the outline of what lies beneath. Looking at each wrapped up object we can sense its hidden uniqueness. The fact that it is covered invites us to take a guess, to peek. This conveys the tension of what is semi-hidden: we want to pry and, at the same time, to preserve the mystery. By doing this exercise we can renew the relationship between bodies and objects. These reflections make me think of my own body, of the skin that covers it, of its natural folds and creases, and of dance choreography which allows us to bend in different ways. It also makes me think of how intervened objects can bring inspiration to the body, to memory, and vice versa.

Creation and performance
Sabela Mendoza
Helena Salgueiro
Clothing (blouse 'Jules')
Xiana Cobo
With the support of
A Coruña City Council
Artistic residencies
Atopémonos bailando (MIHL, Lugo). A Casa Vella (Amiadoso, Allariz). Azala (Lasierra, Álava)
Colectivo Glovo (Esther Latorre, Hugo Pereira), Javier Martín
45 minutes





Eight-hour long performance-intervention (8h)

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