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javier martín | artes del movimiento
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2016 - ongoing

Since 2016, I have worked and collaborated regularly with choreographer Javier Martín in the production and artistic accompaniment of his pieces. 

As artist manager and production manager, I am in charge of ongoing tasks such as general assistance for new artistic and choreographic projects, fixing and coordinating schedules, liaising with collaborators, developing strategic plans for internationalisation, supporting national and international distribution for tours, liaising with programmers, accompanying the artist during residencies as an outside observer, acting as tour manager and producer during the shows, attending fairs and festivals in representation of artistic projects, supervising production and economic-financial management of the structure and projects, developing and drafting projects for grants or collaborations, collaborative drafting of dossiers, press releases or dissemination materials, etc. 

Through artistic accompaniment and mediation, I also collaborate on specific projects or productions:



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Bullshit Fest
#mediation, #management #production
2016 - 2017 - 2018
Madrid - Ciudad de México - Montevideo
With the support of:
ARTEA, Iberescena, AC/E Acción Cultural Española

Bullshit is a DIY festival which breaks from traditional festivals, functioning like a mobile and hybrid platform in which the diverse artists taking part follow up their research by meeting and collaborating amongst themselves and the local community.

The Bullshit Fest concept puts into practice notions of cooperation, collaboration and self-management and aims to bring to different contexts a model of articulation, maintenance and collaboration that is completed in the meeting with others. It promotes an open dialogue between the artists’ processes and the local community, making the festival a context for debates and reflections on modes of artistic production, as well as for the exchange of aesthetic experiences. The aim is to encourage and expand the contexts of collaboration, debate and thought, as well as to generate encounters that foster the exchange of visions and knowledge in the artistic field, and to create future cooperation networks between the local community and the international participants.

This community arose within the framework of the Master’s in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture of ARTEA (UCLM) in 2016.

In the first edition of Bullshit Fest at the Teatro Pradillo, the projects presented were based on the desire to experiment and expand the limits of their respective disciplines. Although individual artists signed the projects, they emerged from an explicit process of contamination and appropriation of the poetics, methods, and strategies of the participants, as well as from a constant dialogue between all the people who form part of the MPECV: the group of artists, the coordination team, the project monitoring team, and the professionals invited.

For the second Mexican edition, we had the support of the prestigious Museo Universitario del Chopo, an institution sensitive to artistic research that always includes critical and experimental content in its programming, which is in dialogue with contemporary creation. Twenty creators taking part in the first edition — from five Latin American countries: Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile — presented 18 works in the spaces of the Museo del Chopo, from 23 to 27 August 2017 in Mexico City. The Mexican edition was supported by FONCA (MX), INAE (UY), Prince Claus (NL), PICE and INVUJE (ES). The show was held during 5 days of presentations in different spaces of the Chopo Museum, reaching 1,304 spectators, as well as involving a team of over 30 people, including artists, technicians, producers, and managers.

The third edition of Bullshit was hosted by The Centro Cultural de España de Montevideo, INAE, and Solís Theatre in Montevideo (Uruguay) from 8 to 18 November 2018. The festival featured a programme of 17 international works from countries such as Spain, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay. It had the support of Iberescena and PICE. The Uruguayan Ministry of Education and Culture has declared the project “of cultural interest”.



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