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Emprendo en Red
A project by Emprendo Danza
Sabela Mendoza
Emprendo Danza

Emprendo en Red is a support program for cultural and/or training projects promoted by ED members, for ED members. The aim is to connect management projects already underway and promoted by the initiative of Emprendo Danza’s own partner companies, featuring content and activities created by ED’s partners.
With the support of the Dirección General de Industrias Culturales and the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música, the EMPRENDO EN RED project aims to support dance professionals.



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Hiperespazos. A casa fóra da casa (Hyperspaces. A home away from home)
A project by RPM
Sabela Mendoza, Félix Fernández, Caterina Varela
With the support and promotion of:
Concello de A Coruña

Conference on artistic residencies and innovative management of cultural and socio-community spaces (2017)

Throughout this conference, and within the process of rethinking the uses of the existing institutional spaces and means in our city, we will learn about certain inspiring and innovative examples from across Spain that reformulate the concept of artistic residency, the planning and integral use of cultural and socio-community spaces and the commitment of each territory to its artistic talent and the development of its creativity.

We want our imagination to go beyond what we know. We want to sketch an open and plural horizon for coexistence and creative development within our space: a sustainable and dignified horizon that also serves as a guarantee of the material, economic and living conditions of the agents related to culture in our territory. Let us begin the journey towards hyperspace.

Its lack of definition or the impossibility of such defines hyperspace. It is the mystery, the boundless infinity where we can reinvent or rethink ourselves. The blank page or canvas, the empty stage, the silent space. It is a place ripe for experimentation, where the unknown can take place. Within hyperspace, we can find more than the space-time relationship. We can find many other dimensions and layers, intangible magnitudes such as affections, accompaniment, care, flexibility, and so many others to be revealed. It is a flexible and open space, ready to be inhabited in such a way that a special and inspiring paradox can occur: the feeling of being home, even when away from home.

During the conference, not only will we approach the personal universes of the projects and people invited — who will share their experience from libraries, civic and social centres, cultural spaces, artistic residences, self-managed spaces, etc. — we will also propose a joint journey to those common universes through which it is necessary to travel to build an innovative, dynamic, open, participatory, inclusive, and sustainable project. In this way, over three days, we will open different collective learning spaces where we can imagine those universes that form hyperspace: people (teams and users), administrative and legal structures, affections, economic resources, technical and material resources, dialogue with the context, and our criteria and identity.


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Las segundas comisarias
Curating for the 'Season 2018-2019' of Teatro Pradillo (Madrid)
Sabela Mendoza, Anto Rodríguez, Silvia Zayas

Las Segundas Comisarias. Temporada 2018-2019 del Teatro Pradillo

“The new season of Teatro Pradillo 2018-2019 (Madrid) will propose a break from hyper-production to look back and recover “what’s new” but has already taken place, skipping the logic of accumulation. Experimentation usually has a brief life, sometimes because that’s what happens naturally, but many other times due to lack of opportunity. Where does experimentation come from if we flee from the logic of production and the self-exploitation of artists?

We propose a space to connect ideas, bodies, voices, ears, bugs, and reports… So, experimenting and creating doesn’t stem from urgency and haste but from trying to recover, re-premiere, premiere three times, replenish or revisit.

This season, we want Pradillo to be a place where we can see what has already been done, what we have forgotten, what we have left behind, our first piece, or the second forgotten one, the collaboration we could never complete, etc.

It is not about returning to the past from a nostalgic present, but about thinking of time differently; rethinking and reinterpreting it together; remixing times, without the seemingly unavoidable embarrassment of the reoccurring premiere; dismantling time constraints (our temporal complexes and embarrassment); pushing ourselves out of linearity: the new, the old, the present, the archive, the past, the future, memory, the fetish and production.

A past that is not crystallised only in the archive, in the repertoire… A present that is not all about urgency… A future that is not projected, but traversed…

We see this season as an opportunity to share the commitment between curators and artists in these spaces of possibility and meet the public: 18 weekends of programming proposals and two 15-day residencies”.

(Sabela Mendoza, Anto Rodríguez, Silvia Zayas)


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